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Hing Powder

Hing powder is also known as Food of Gods and holds therapeutic and curative powers.Hing powder is considered one of the best traditional medicines due to antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, sedative and diuretic properties.We are the leading Hing Powder Manufacturers in Hathras  and  exporting high-quality hing powder.We are also the Leading Hing Powder Supplier and Exporter India

Benefits of Hing Powder

Hing powder is beneficial for beauty and health as it has so many benefits including-Helps relieve Asthma, lowers the level of blood pressure, reduces headaches, can also heal insect bites and stings, helpful in reducing menstrual pain, helps in reducing stomach problems, reduces acne, helps to bring glow on the face, acts as a good hair conditioner, and many others.

Never Compromise with Quality

Always buy powder from the manufacturers directly who provide high-quality powder because ‘Health is Wealth’, so, never compromise with the quality.

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