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Hing Granules

Hing Granules are considered as the digestive spices. Hing granules are effective and are the spices used for the variety of purposes. This spice is considered the best treatment medicine that is used in treating stomach disorders like acidity, bloating. constipation, gas, and improves stomach health. The spice is used in cooking, medical applications, and treating flatulence, and in Ayurvedic formulations.When you consume Hing Granules on daily basis, you can control your respiratory disorders.We are also the Asafoetida Granules Manufacturers in Hathras.

Buy Hing Granules from RB Hing

We are one of the leading Hing Granules in Hathras in the growing market.We offer the Hing Granules in different variants and weight specifications.Hing Granules offered by us boost immunity and improve overall health.

Why our Hing Granules?

  • We offer completely fresh Hing Granules.
  • Our products are made of imported Hing gum.
  • We provide different weight and brands of products.
  • Hing granules are processed in a hygienic manner.
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